The Powers Of Strong Relationships Are The Foundation For Understanding, Realization, And Revelation

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The powers in strong relationships are the foundation for understanding, realization, and revelation. Relationships are used to overcome and to build onto one’s self. People feel the need to be close to others. This need is followed by the given response of creation. The creation of a piece of art or the creation of a relationship fills the need to have a connection with the composer. The relationship between composer and each viewer is unique to the immediate viewing. The strength from these interactions start the cycle of understanding to revelation.
The idea that the creator throws before the viewer is subject to misinterpretation. This changed viewpoint leads to change from the creator in the universal idea. A large majority of our creations are intended to solve inner demons in order to gain clarity. Through art I use the relation of mixed medias to generate a specific feeling from those who are viewing. This is the same as writers creating likable characters who bond to others. These features create relationships between the observer and between physical pieces of the work. This ability is used to manipulate the sight of the viewer. As said by Edgar Degas “Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” The intended outcome or reaction isn’t always what’s received. In many instances the improper use of mixed media can generate a unhappy emotion; an unpleasant mix. Using mixed medias in a balanced way helps to level this out, creating the feeling of joy and…

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