The Powers Of Authority During The Late Middle Ages Essay

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Throughout the late Middle Ages, there were numerous powers of authority that were overlapping their jurisdiction. This caused great upheaval in terms whose authority hand the final say in the land. The papal authority held fast to the hierocratic state which believed God gave the papacy both swords of authority (civil and spiritual) leading the church to believe that the sword of civil authority could be withdrawn from those in power. This created a stain on civil and papal authorities which caused many wars throughout this period in history. Pope Boniface VIII bull Unam Sactam is one event that dramatically affected these warring authorities. A great boom of political theory writings captured the numerous thoughts that supported either the papacy or civil authorizes. While other theorist tried to find some middle ground between these two powerful authorities.
With the reintroduction of Aristotle’s Politics and Ethics to the scholarly world, concepts of Aristotle’s ‘political animal’ reentered the academic minds. This drastically affect how man saw the world “This view, understanding human nature to be as it is in the here and now, was radically different from the patristic approach which held that man true nature existed only before the Fall, after which rulership and property become necessary as remedies for sin: that man’s original nature was in short, social but not political. The adoption of Aristotelian ideas could facilitate further development of ideas of state…

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