The Powerful Essay: The Importance Of Wisdom

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“God grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” (Niebuhr). Everybody must make choices in their life. The hardest part is using what you have learned to make a wise decision, which is why knowledge is the first step to wisdom. A person needs to be wise and attain knowledge to tell right from wrong. Wisdom helps people make tough decisions, while knowledge is used to make those choices. Knowledge comes from learning, but wisdom comes from living every day. Wisdom plays a very crucial role in life. Without wisdom, many creations in this world would be nothing but failures. Wisdom allows people to apply their knowledge in life. This is demonstrated in various …show more content…
In other words, it is being award of having information that we have attained from a learning experience. Referring to The Old Man and the Sea, the man was knowledgeable about fishing, because he learned how to from his father. Since he learned those skills by being taught he now knows how to fish; however, he shows his wisdom by being an old man and he has experienced life at sea every day. He has spent his whole life fishing, which is why he has an abundance of wisdom about it. The knowledge that he knows was taught. Although he strengthens that by learning new skills, those newly learned skills are what makes him wise. We all make mistakes in our lives and by learning from those omissions we can give advice to one another about what to do. When we make those mistakes, and learn from them, we gain knowledge. We are wise when we pass on what we learned so others do not make our same mistake. Another example of how knowledge is different than wisdom is if you are stopped at a stop sign and you are about to turn on a one-way road. You are knowledgeable for stopping and realizing that the road is one-way, but you are wise for still looking both directions to make sure no cars are coming. Knowledge comes first when trying to achieve wisdom. Without knowledge, you will never be wise and without being wise, you will never possess knowledge. In other words, knowledge is what Ms. Cherny has after reading and learning that I am indeed a good writing, while the wisdom would be her giving me an “A” on this

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