The Power of Words - Paper

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The Power of Words
In 1946 George Orwell wrote the novel, Animal Farm. In this book, Orwell takes advantage of language and words to criticize the effects a totalitarian Russian regime, while some of his characters in the novel use the power of language and words to control a farm that at first, was a great democracy. In Animal Farm, language was a control mechanism, used to encourage, fool, and manipulate.
Though language was mainly used for personal gain in this novel, Old Major used language for the opposite reason. He said things that were meant to encourage the rest of the animals on the farm, and they did. Before Old Major died he called a meeting to tell the animals that soon there would be a revolution and that someday the
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After fooling the animals for awhile, they decide to fool them in a way that will make them give something in return. Manipulation was the key for the leaders of this farm. Keeping the other animals from thinking too much was their goal. Squealer could be known as the king of manipulation. He was constantly lying to the other animals in order to prevent them from noticing what was going on. His means of manipulation were very sly saying, "Comrades, you do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege" (97), when talking about the pigs and the certain advantages they were allowing themselves to have. Also, It is shown that Orwell wants to make it known that Squealer is very manipulative by writing, "when arguing some difficult point, he had a way of whisking his tail from side to side, which was somehow very persuasive. The others said he could turn black into white" (40). Recalling one example of how he manipulated the other animals was when he was describing to the animals in great detail that Napoleon saved the farm in the battle of cowshed. The animals don't recall this at all, but Squealer insists that this is what had happened, and changed the animal's minds again. Language is a very powerful tool. It can be used for positive reasons and negative reasons. In this novel, language is taken severe advantage of by the pigs. They use the power of

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