The Power Of Water And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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The Power of Water
In accordance with current consumption rates, the earth is projected to run out of coal in one hundred and ten years, natural gas in fifty-four years, and oil in a mere fifty-three years. Once this depletion of resources has occurred, humans will have no choice but to rely on alternative sources of energy in order to maintain a standard of living and to preserve order within society. Finding a reliable alternative to nonrenewable energy, therefore, has become of utmost importance, and tidal energy has been brought into question as a possible solution. Though tidal energy may be viable in its dependability and high energy yield, the lack of sizable research, negative environmental effects, and high cost associated with its generation seem to outweigh any benefits that could result from widespread use and have given rise to consideration of more feasible options, like solar energy and wind turbines.
To begin with tidal energy turbines, have a substantial impact on the environment. A scientific workshop done by some of NOAA’s Scientist who are the foremost experts, focused on the preservations of the oceans, revealed problems that the underwater turbines caused in the environment. With this 2010 study they found many cases that the tidal and current turbines would cause significant amount of harm to aquatic life. The largest issues they found where associated with the use of more than 5 turbines running in one location. The effects can be devastating to…

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