Essay on The Power Of The Presidency Changed Over Time

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How has the power of the presidency changed over time? Drawing upon some historical examples, explain how presidents have acted to secure more power. What can the modern president do to overcome congressional, judicial, or bureaucratic opposition? How is a more powerful president beneficial/detrimental? Reference course readings, lectures, and examples as appropriate.

The framers of the Constitution designed the office of president to be a rather weak one. Given the original government presented in the Articles of Confederation, an example was followed while writing the Constitution. Congress was given more power and influence over the nation, and dominated the executive branch until the 1930s. The president, while being granted some powers, took on a more ceremonious role. The powers granted to him, due to the system of checks and balances in place, worked in concordance with the other aspects of government. As such, powers expressly given to the president were few, and rarely were they ever exclusively his. The vagueness in the Constitution meant originally to prevent the president from gaining too much power, actually turned out to be a benefit to the president, namely due to the cloudy definition of inherent powers.

Because the office of president is a weak one, given the semantics of the Constitution, presidents throughout history have exercised their influence and power in an effort to secure more political power, inadvertently securing more power for the position…

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