The Power Of The Nation 's Capital Essay

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A little known fact among the American people is that on August 24th, 1814, the White House was burned to the ground all because of political and military failings (Smithsonian Institute). The main reasons for the destruction of the nation 's capital were rooted in the inexperience of the Americans at running a country, coupled with an intense Anglophobia, which led to bickering and lack of direction as politicians intentionally made poor decisions in an effort to move away from British practices. In addition, political cronyism through the spoils system and mismanagement were rampant in the Early Republic because each new President and party that came to power appointed government positions to party members who may or may not have been qualified for the job. Then because the politicians, lawmakers and military commanders of this era had no experience with fighting a war as an organized nation and did not how to run campaigns effectively, America was unable to make any significant gains from an incredible opportunity. While Napoleon raged across Europe and distracted the major powers, the young Republic could have greatly expanded. Through political cronyism, mismanagement and the inexperience of our politicians, representatives and military commanders, America missed a major opportunity to expand in territory and power. As a result, the War of 1812 ended in a stalemate because of the failings and inexperience of American leadership. In this early period of American…

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