The Power Of Ten People Essay

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Leaders, which, choose to develop their followers, their organization grows one person at a time. However, leaders that develop leaders incline to augment their growth rate. Subsequently, for every leader they develop, they are apt to receive also all of that leader’s followers. Therefore, by adding ten followers to your organization you now have the power of ten people! However, though when you add ten leaders to your organization, you have the power of ten leader’s times all the followers and leaders they influence. Furthermore, that is the variance between addition and multiplication. It is developing your organization by teams as an alternative to individuals. Example: As Human Resource Unit Lead, the responsibilities were to the entire HR department. There forth, to achieve a proper functioning HR department the employees work in teams, with one selected as the lead in training within each group. The groups rotate to enable everyone to become proficient in all HR matters.
In order to be a master of explosive growth, first, you have to commit yourself to your people and activities that could influence your organization. In order to promote explosive growth, the requirements are….
1. Attract and equip the right people. Everywhere Paul went, he would gather listeners and he taught them about Christ and He crucified. Paul would enter a town and begin teaching the message of Christ often preaching for days, months and sometimes longer. No matter where he went,…

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