The Power Of Stigmatizing Mental Illness Essay

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The power of stigmatizing mental illness
Stigma within mental illness is a multifaceted issue that is debilitating, not only for the mentally ill, but to society as well. Stigmatizing those with mental illness is prevalent and potent; it does not build a society, but separates it. Misunderstandings about mental illness reinforce stigma and causes disassociation between society and the mentally ill. By creating social gaps, society makes it difficult for people with a mental illness to accept the illness, as well as integrating within society. Not only is the person with the mental illness coping with the symptoms of the illness, but with stigma as well, this inhibits progress (Angermyer, Corrigan, & Rüsch ,2005).Mental illness stigma is a debilitating issue that has damaging effects on society that include casting out and negatively labeling those with a mental illness, as for the mentally ill self-stigma and comorbidity are prevalent; both sides are in involved in an endless cycle of ignorance and fear; in return, hinder the progress for society and the mentally ill.
Stereotypes such as, incompetent, dangerous, and lazy; have created a barrier between the public and the mentally ill. These stereotypes, influence society to cast out the mentally ill and in return creates an illusion of ‘us’ versus ‘them’ (Angermyer, Corrigan, & Rüsch ,2005). Stigma refrains progress by filling the unknown in with false ideas about mental illness. Society embeds stigma into its culture…

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