Powerful Words: A Literary Analysis

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Literature is a very powerful tool that can be easily accessed. Literature captures all sorts of moments throughout the years. It allows for me to travel through space and time with the skillful use of strategically placed words. Literature holds such spectacular and strong emotions within its powerful words. Those powerful words, that the author writes, allow me to feel the emotional vibration of the words I have read or heard. literature grants me the gifts of understanding and experiencing the history of the human race. Literature has always been and will always be a very valuable part of my life experience on this planet. Reading poetry has taught me all about the powerful and emotional impact that words, arranged in a certain order, can …show more content…
It is also valuable for its ability to share emotion. Poems are the words and lives of our ancestors, wrote into lyrics so that they grab our attention and imprints on to our souls. Fictional stories are pages filled with words that tell the stories of our ancestors. Play’s stages or pages are chalked full of the dialog of our ancestors. There are different levels of emotion and history in each of these literary styles. Literature will always be a big part of my life. When I was little I would read to escape to another time and another place, always looking for my next adventure. Literature is also one of the best passions that I can offer and share with my children. I am able to teach them and show them so many things in life from the comfort and safety of my own home. Also, I get to help build their imaginations and spark major life questions by reading literature with them. Being passionate about literature is a great foundation for building a beautiful life and understanding humanity over the years. I will continue on with the tradition of literature throughout my life. I will also continue to pass on my passion to the next generations of my

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