Essay about The Power Of Praising Poor People

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The Power of Praising Poor People: A Rhetorical Analysis of Mother Teresa’s “Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech”
Poor people. When you think of poor people, you automatically think: homeless, dirty clothes, bad breathe, no food, no home. In this society, we have all become so selfish. We always think of ourselves. When we see homeless people, we walk away from them and try to stay away from them. We never once think about them. This society has become an every man for himself type of society. No one is ever willing to help each other. Everyone is always looking out for themselves, and themselves only.
Although, we think we live in such a helpless society, there are people out there who are not these selfish people we discussed. They are not ordinary people, but they are extraordinary. They are selfless people, who show love for everyone. Among these exceptional group of people, one of them is Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa had dedicated her life for helping people. She had a love for everyone and wanted to help everyone. But Mother Teresa seemed to have a strong love for poor people, she thought they were amazing people. She saw the greatness in the poor. Being able to see the greatness in people is an extraordinary quality to have. In Mother Teresa’s speech, the “Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech”, given in 1979, she uses rhetorical strategies to show how the poor people are, tell a story of the poor, and puts herself in the shoes of the poor in order to show that the…

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