Essay about The Power of Positive Thinking

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Specific purpose: To persuade my audience that when people fully embrace the ideal of positive thinking they are more able to cope with difficult situations and health concerns that can normally be quite debilitating or even fatal.

Central Idea/Thesis statement: To demonstrate that positive thinking has the ability to help a person heal and cope with adversity.


How would you feel if I told you I was going to take away 7.5 years of your life today? Something tells me that I wouldn't be making any new friends by this comment. By thinking negative thoughts you are in fact doing this very thing to yourselves according to recent studies conducted by researchers at Yale University. It's a proven fact that those people
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The claim that positive thought has health benefits is something that has been purported for many years.
A. Recent studies as I've mentioned seem to suggest this as well.
i. In the Yale studies the true benefit and value of a positive attitude became apparent to the researchers. ii. More important than lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. iii. Medical conditions being studied included back pain, heart attack, surgery, mental health problems.

B. Studies provided by Sun Media also shows that these positive thoughts can improve our life as well as extending it.

(Transition: Now that we have seen some of the health benefits of positive thinking lets look at the ways that it helps one cope with adversity.)

II. Those individuals that are positive by nature or through constant practice usually deal with difficult situations much better than those who don't according to L.A. McKeown in his article "The Power of Positive Thought" on WebMD Medical News.
A. A manifestation or by product of their positive thinking is faith.
B. Using positive thinking phrases involves dedicated efforts in remembering and repeating the same positive phrases again and again.
C. You block out negative thoughts by thinking positive thoughts.


The important thing to remember about the power of positive thought is that that it's something that can really empower the

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