The Power Of Oppression Within Our Society Essay example

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The Power of Oppression


The power aspects of oppression are abundant throughout our world. This power of

oppression continuously moulds and changes the views of people in our society. Throughout

this course we have learned various aspects of power misuse on various groups within our

society as well as different theories and the history behind them. Through the next five sections,

we will reflect back, on five different areas specifically addressed, that has/is/will affect the

world around us.

Reflection One – Gender Identity Disorder

During week nine, we learned about gender identity disorder GID). Included in this unit

was various ethical concerns, gender binary, the history of GID, labeling in the DSM and the

expectations for social workers. I was appalled by the enormous about of tension created within

one’s life, when they chose to live it, other than as cisgender. Individuals have personal internal

struggles such as use of washrooms, which is further compounded by mistreatment from a

predominantly cisgendered populous towards gender non-conforming individual. This turmoil

places an enormous about of stress on individuals, however, I am optimistic. The power roles

Social Workers play within this community is pertinent to reducing the amount of oppression

that occurs. “Issues of transgender oppression—in general and as they relate to GID— should be

of paramount concern to social workers, not only because social workers are involved with the…

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