The Power Of Nature And The Supernatural World Essay

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The nineteenth century Romantic Movement was viewed as a challenge to the Rationalism Movement of the Enlightenment period. Throughout the nineteenth century, Romanticism is seen through the ideas of philosophers, through artists and their works, and through poems and novels of the era. The characteristics of Romanticism include a power of nature and the supernatural world, the emphasis on emotion and intuition, the embracing of the value of the individual, as well as the rejection of the eighteenth century rules of criticism.
The first characteristic of romanticism includes the power of nature and the supernatural world. Many artists throughout this time period expressed their understanding of nature through sublime paintings, paintings that arouse strong emotions. The work of Caspar David Friedrich expresses his understanding of the power of nature through his painting, The Polar Sea. This painting depicts nature’s ability to destroy humankind through the analogy of a ship being crushed in a polar ice field. The Romantic Movement not only recognized the supernatural world but applied it into many of the works that were created during the nineteenth century. The power of the supernatural world is expressed through the poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” which written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the master of Gothic poems. In this particular poem, a curse is placed upon the sailor, responsible for killing an albatross. In the end, the repentance of the sailor and a…

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