The Power Of Geometry Of Time Space Compression Essay

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Experiences of the human race are geographically different for each being since time and space is continually different at each moment of our lives. Each an every single one of us is different by gender, class, race, religion, nationality, age, ethnicity, and etc. but we all are connected through time and space. Doreen Massey states in her podcast that “space is a cut through the myriad stories” which space and time become connected creating a concept called the power of geometry of time-space compression. With my experiences of the local world culture events, culture and geography helped comprehend the relations between cultural norms, space, and power through artwork and story of one person’s life.
Watching the move the “Ode to my Father, and visiting the Pizzuti Collection of Cuban Forever Revisited were both amazing experiences. They gave me small pieces of two cultures of how geography plays a big role in human development in that culture and how it shapes peoples lives. The two events taught me that you experience geography everywhere you go. To the place you live, to the place you travel, from the place you buy your daily goods, etc., geography is in the midst of every of our daily live. It shapes our identities and shapes the identities of the world socially and politically.
In the article Nacirema, I thought it was quite funny how the author was portraying Americans and what we obsess over. We obsess over our beauty and our outward appearance and it is quite true.…

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