Selfish Society In Anthem, By Ayn Rand

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Dessie Daye
Mr.Patrick Period 7
Honors English 1
You’re often told to not be selfish and put others before you, Ayn Rand contradicts this idea, she says “selfishness does not mean only to do things for one’s self, one may do things, affecting others, for his own pleasure or benefit. This is not immoral but the highest of morality”. Her novel anthem depicts a dystopian society where esteem, ego, and even the word “I” has been stripped from the inhibitors. A man labeled Equality 7-2521 discovers this unknown feeling of freedom and authenticity. He develops the importance of an individual and discovers a lost advancement in technology. Due to the brutal society, he is placed under he has no way to safely share his discovery, so he escapes. The rules of society all have a purpose, a reason to exist, and possible future in equality's society.

These rules placed upon this unselfish society exist to create fear in the inhibitors. Many of the rules make it extremely difficult to think of or for yourself. Rules like “No men may be alone, ever.” restrict the opportunity to explore and grow. Equality was able to leave the ideas, rules, and controls of his own society, and this brought him closer and closer to freedom. With his new society, he wants to show people that they can be selfish and that they should. These rules are
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Equality realizes that there is something in life which is hidden in the world of no individual thinking, which he understands in his free new world. In his new society, he idealizes a life which is free from these rules since he would like his society to be built on the single self and individualism. In this world free from individualist thinking Equality discovers the word “ego”, and makes sure this is the core of his new society. He wants to show others a new and happy world free from the rules and regulations his previous society was built

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