Power In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

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In forming the hierarchy, I ranked characters in terms of mental power, emotional power, and physical power respectively. Characters with great strengths in multiple fields were arranged at the top while those with little power were left at the bottom. Fortuna, the goddess of luck and fortune, tops the hierarchy due to her vast effect on others. As a goddess, Fortuna is extremely powerful and influential over lives of others.
She even gifts Theseus, a very successful conqueror, power, causing her to be the strongest of all. The Queen was placed afterwards due to her involvation with the knight’s punishment. By simply asking for power over his fate, she is given total control by the king, showing her great influence over others and assertion.
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As their relationship progresses, her husband explicitly puts himself under her control when asked to make a decision between beauty and fidelity. Her ability to secure domination over her husband, a former rapist and thus man of domineering behavior, is impressive. Her success in dominating an aggressive man emphasizes her great influence and power over others. Like the Old Woman, the Wife of Bath is an expert in dominating marriages. Married five times, she has exerted dominance over her husbands. Despite being beaten by her latest spouse, she ultimately won dominance in the relationship. The Wife of Bath is also a very independent and successful woman, enjoying holy pilgrimages solo and reaping the benefits of a successful career as a seamstress. The Wife of Bath is prosperous and has the ability to assert dominance over her spouses, exhibiting traits of a strong woman. The Guardians are placed next due to their power acquired through intimidation. They call Marji and others for inappropriate dress, threatening punishment. The Guardians are very assertive and aggressive due to their thorough patrolling. The Guardians invoke fear over many, proving their power over the emotions of

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