Essay about The Power Of Context By Malcolm Gladwell

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Environment and Behavior
Individuality, which includes human nature and characters, helps people distinguish themselves from others and the world around them. In the process of searching for individuality, one is shaped by his or her environment. We see this in Leslie Bell’s essay “Selections from Hard to Get: Twenty–Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom,” where Bell shows young women who are trying to find their sexual identities. Also, in the essay “The Power of Context,” Malcolm Gladwell states that the characteristics of one’s environment will influence one’s behavior. In her essay “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday,” Martha Stout brings the idea of psychological dissociation, which refers to the mental disconnection with the environment from unbearable pain and experiences. All three authors touch on environmental factors that influence human behaviors specifically the way they think and act. The environment does play a vital role in determining human individuality because it strongly affects one’s thoughts and actions. Small details and issues that one does not perceive leads to bigger issues and changes one’s value of being acceptable. However, the environment does not always influence behaviors because human nature and ability to control their lives are equally important in shaping their behaviors.
The state of the environment affects an individual in a very important way because one cannot avoid being influenced by his or her surrounding. It…

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