The Power of Brand Names Essay

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The Power of Brand Names
Brand names have become a dominant factor in consumer marketing of a myriad of products, ranging from potato chips to refrigerators to tennis shoes. In looking at the historical development of brand names, Coca-Cola® was one of the first nationally recognized brands to come along. The Coca-Cola Company printed its first consumer calendar in 1891. Another early national brand name was Gillette® razor blades. King Gillette invented the first disposable razor blade in 1903 and rapidly set out to tell the world about the benefits of throw-away blades. Vaseline® was first used as a name for petroleum jelly in 1899 and registered as a U.S. Trademark in 1925. Hershey's Kisses®, first registered in 1923, have maintained
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The names of certain cars, for example, are synonymous with high quality and luxury. Consumers perceive these cars as providing superior quality to other brand-name automobiles, whether this perception is based on facts or not.
For manufacturers, brand equity incorporates the ability to provide added value to allow changing price premiums, lower marketing costs, and offer greater opportunity for customer purchase.
Conversely, negative brand equity means that potential customers have such low perceptions of a particular brand that they feel the product has less value than they would if they objectively considered all of the product's attributes or features.
Brand recognition is the extent to which a particular brand becomes known for specific attributes. Brand recognition is separated into two categories: Aided and unaided. Unaided recognition is the ability to identify a particular brand simply by its name or logo. This adds greatly to the value of the brand name. Aided recognition is the extent to which a brand is recognized when presented with a list of brands from which to choose.
Logos and slogans contribute to brand recognition. For example, the slogan, "Just do it" immediately brings to mind one particular famous sneaker manufacturer.
Brand Names and Eyewear
The basic components of eyewear are frames and lenses, but the two categories have been influenced by

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