The Power Of Active Aging Essay

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White Paper on the Power of Active Aging

While aging is accompanied by its share of challenges, seniors who remain active are apt to benefit in a wide range of ways. Active aging can help seniors to improve physical wellbeing, but it also helps to improve mental acuity and stability. Seniors who engage in an active, healthy lifestyle may find that they are more socially active, as well. This white paper serves to illustrate the ways in which seniors may benefit from living an active lifestyle. Additionally, this white paper discusses the ways that senior living communities help to promote this style of aging, so seniors of all needs and health levels may lead happier lives.

The Importance of Active Aging

According to information found on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website (in reference to data made available by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), a mere 20 percent of individuals over the age of 65 engage in activity on a regular basis. This may contribute to the percentage of seniors who live with chronic health conditions. Daily physical activity is essential to the prevention and control of chronic health issues, and it is necessary in order for seniors to maintain overall fitness.

Both structured and unstructured physical activities may serve seniors well. Programs that promote physical activity among seniors are vital to such populations. Senior communities that provide members with viable options in regard to physical activity…

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