Essay about The Power Of A Nation 's Economy

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Vladimir Ilich Lenin, first leader of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic, is credited with creation of the term, “Commanding Heights.” This particular term is used to describe sectors of a nation’s economy which are deemed a necessity for the country’s survival; examples of this include electricity, mining, transportation, and perhaps the most important – petroleum. As societies around the world became more technological, the need for more efficient fuels began to rise. Due to this very specific need, petroleum became a necessity especially for the rapidly changing militaries of the world. The European Super Powers became dependent on petroleum in order to fuel their massive militaries – especially Imperial Germany and Britain during the early twentieth century. This comparison will demonstrate just how important oil had become to the militaries of the world. Germany, while boasting one of the strongest militaries at the turn of the century, was not prepared for a protracted war. The primary source of energy for the country was still coal – an inefficient alternative to petroleum. Without a steady source of petroleum, the German war machine could not produce enough machinery and weapons to properly arm the troops. In order to become the Super Power that Kaiser Wilhelm II envisioned, petroleum was needed to fuel the factories and economy. This led to an urgency in the German military to secure the Rumanian oil fields during the First World War. Unfortunately, the…

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