Essay on The Power And The Glory

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The Power and the Symbolism, of Literature From the floating daggers appearing before Macbeth’s eyes to Piggy’s broken conch on the desolate island, great authors have used symbols in their literature in order to convey a larger theme about the book and about life itself. An author who perfectly does this is Graham Greene in his book, The Power and the Glory; a thrilling novel which tells the story of a priest who is trying to escape a corrupted state in Mexico. In addition to battling alcoholism and having to face his wife and child, the priest must also watch out for a lieutenant who is trying to imprison him. During the priest’s exciting journey and encounters, several subtle symbols, that have to do with books or other forms of literature, are laid out before him. Greene uses the literature and letters displayed in his novel in order to help shed light on the idea that all the characters in the novel want freedom, but, they are unable to obtain it because of the corrupted state in which they live. The letters and books of Mr. Tench are significant because they are his only escape into a world that is without corruption. It is obvious that Mr. Tench is living in a corrupt state because any time he tries to connect with the outside world, he is stopped by the characterized setting. For example, when he is headed towards the ship to pick up his ether cylinder, he suddenly forgets why he is going towards the ship. He forgets his motives because “his memory [was]…

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