The Poverty Trap, War, And Food Wastage Essay

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“There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry.” Ed Asner’s statement is true; the earth produces more than enough food for all of its inhabitants, yet why are some people still unable to receive enough nutrients to meet their physical demands (Price)? Practices, such as the poverty trap, war, and food wastage, tip the global balance of food distribution, resulting in hunger in various parts of the world. These practices can be, at best, corrected now if individuals, who care and have enough money, donate their money and change their consumer habits.
As previously stated, many practices add to global hunger such as the poverty trap, war, and food wastage. Other times, it is not human practices that contribute to hunger, but it is nature activities. For most individuals, they are born into poverty which leaves them unable to buy nutritious food or any food at all. The lack of food makes them hungry, malnourished, and less able to earn money since they are physically weak and overcame by lassitude, leaving them in poverty once again; thus, the name “poverty trap” ("World Food Programme"). This “trap” perpetuates hunger since most individuals are born into poverty, and thus, start the trap again for later generations. Along with the poverty trap, the rising prices on food has further condemned the poor into hunger. Rising food prices are due to the emphasis on producing plant-based biofuel and…

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