Essay about The Poverty Of The United Kingdom

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In the year 2010, the United Kingdom was ranked 4th out of 22 European countries by UNICEF for having the largest amount of child poverty. The ranking must lower on the scale to help improve the community we live in. This problem is too big to ignore as it affects a vast amount of people in the UK. Poverty is a trap which is almost impossible to escape. The problem of poverty and the ways in which it is abused by some, how the numbers of unemployed people are affected, the effects taxation has, and the poor management of money in trusts that has led to people finding themselves in poverty.

Benefits are for helping the most vulnerable that are unemployed, however a lot of people are wrongly receiving benefits, cheating the system. It’s used to give people the basics, food, water and shelter. The people who use the benefit system as intended are trapped in poverty as they will receive less and less benefits each year. Disabled people are at a bigger disadvantage and will spend longer on benefits; both the social model and the medical model of disability restrict employment types. The benefit system is strictly controlled and anyone who has savings over the benefit threshold is required to use their savings first to survive. Any money people do receive is minimal and saving any money may have detrimental effects if they have to make another claim. The Government may by trying to crack down on this behemoth of a problem but thousands of British people are losing out on money…

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