Essay on The Poverty Of The People Who Lived There

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Growing up in the small town of Columbia City, I witnessed the crippling poverty of the people who lived there. Of course, I saw people who lacked the motivation to make their lives better. However, I also watched numerous people attempt to climb and claw their way out of the never-ending abyss of poverty; usually they fell further than they climbed. On a select few occasions, poverty-stricken citizens of this city have reached the top of the abyss and left their life of struggle behind. Witnessing these scenarios affect families in my hometown as I grew up prompted me to dream of ascending from poverty myself; however, it would require a long journey and hard work and determination throughout the process. Despite my desire to complete the journey, I wasn’t on the path to success. During my sophomore year I finally had a breakdown moment; I sat on my kitchen floor sobbing uncontrollably. As I sat there for hours, I thought about my life - the abuse I had endured since I was eight, the time I spent homeless, and the other struggles I faced daily. Then, finally, some part of me appeared. It was something I had never seen or felt, lifting my hopeless body from the floor and leading it to the bathroom. As I stood in front of the sink, it forced me to look into my own eyes. It pointed out the devastation that marked my face. It told me that this isn’t life. That life is more than misery, abuse and poverty, that I deserved better than this. In that moment, I realized what…

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