The Poverty Of Texas And The United States Essay

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Poverty rates have increased more in recent years due to the economic recession. In fact, it has been within the United States for innumerable years with Texas being among the states with the highest poverty rates in the country. But what causes poverty? What are the factors that contribute to Texas’ financial stance in comparison to other States? The main causes of poverty in Texas are unemployment, unevenly distributed poverty rates, and cuts regarding government programs.
The population affected by poverty in the state of Texas has increased within the last 5 years. In fact, according to the 2007 census addressed on poverty, approximately 3.934 million people in Texas are living in poverty. This number, however, has increased due to the economic recession, along with poverty rates, which have continued to surge significantly in the past years. In Texas alone, the poverty rates spiked by 4% percent more than the poverty rate of the United States in 1994, leaving Texas as one of the states with the highest poverty states.
Hispanic population, along with African American, is more heavily affected by poverty. An important factor that is often overlooked, is the broad border Texas shares with Mexico. Many people with low income are living in areas with poor living conditions, called colonias, near the border. Colonias, or colonies, consist of poorly constructed houses made for people who make 10,000 a year or less. However, these areas lack electricity and water supply; many…

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