Essay on The Poverty Of Hunger And World Poverty

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Helping Those In Poverty
Twenty one thousand people die from starving a day (hunger and world poverty). That means that Twenty two thousand people died a painful death. Pain has always been know to human beings but pain is not familiar to all humans. Pain can be numbing to a person or it can be dreadful, it takes many different forms, hunger is a form that is most common to people. Food is a necessity to human beings in order to survive. Some people eat three meals a day plus snack, and some of the time people eat so much that there stomach hurts, but that is only half of the world. The other half is starving to death. Through education and humanity helping others because they want to, extreme poverty would no longer be a problem to this earth.
There is pain and happiness in the world. Happiness is sought after but few know how to maintain it. What is happiness? Happiness can be defined in a number of ways, authors Fisherman and McCarthy state that “such a person’s life is not a truly happy one because it does not meet the objective criteria for living virtuously, e.g. caring for others and reducing human misery” (Fisherman, McCarthy, 512). Therefore being selfish will not help a person find their true happiness. Understanding that in order to find happiness, a person must step outside of their self and give to others, which is hard to grasp.
One of the major world concerns is world peace and in order to get world peace we need to end world hunger and poverty but many…

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