The Potential Issues Associated With An Shrm Agenda Developed Without Reference

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What are some of the potential issues associated with an SHRM agenda developed without reference to the local issues you face in your country of operation?
SHRM agenda is an essential and critical part of a company’s expansion goals. It requires research and strategic planning and one of the important factor which should considered is local issue in the country of operation.
We have taken New Zealand as our home country and will discuss the potential issue which will arise if these factors are not taken into consideration.
These include
1) Diversity
2) Business Ethics
3) Law

Diversity is one of biggest realities of New Zealand today. There are people who belong to different nationality, race, age, culture, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs, interests, lifestyles, needs and desires. In fact, Auckland is now more diverse than London and Sydney. It has more than 200 different ethnic groups which comprise one fourth of its population. (Tapaleao, 2014)
A company must analyse this factor so that they can use it as a strength rather than a weakness.
If not planned strategically, there can various issues such as
1) Discrimination
2) Decline in loyalty
3) Miscommunication
4) Dispute
(Hartel & Fujimoto, 2010)

DISCRIMINATION - Diverse workforce requires strategic planning to get the best out of employees. An organization which takes time to adjust in this scenario will soon suffer from discrimination since employees from same background or lifestyle preferences will…

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