Essay on The Potential Impact Of The Impact Bias On Negotiation

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*The potential impact of the impact bias on negotiation is straightforward. If people overall are expected to have trouble determining what they really want because of a tendency to overestimate how to achieve that item will affect their sense of well-being, the other party are also likely to have trouble identifying what they really want in the negotiation for the same reason. In negotiations, some may think that taking advantage of the other party’s mistakes is to your benefit. However, it is to your gain that you should identify the biases in the other party’s behavior, and try to stop them (Bazerman, n.d.). Therefore, there are some simple ways to improve negotiation execution by expecting, distinguishing, and neutralizing the view biases of others.
*Sometimes people have problems in determining what they want because of a tendency to overestimate how to achieve what they want and how it will affect their happiness. However, the other party is most likely are having trouble identifying what they want in a negotiation as well for the very same reason. For example, if a consumer who mistakenly believes she will be much happier if she purchases a new BMW. However, if the competitor doesn’t think they can financially afford the new BMW, it could contribute to their sense of well-being. Indeed, it seems reasonable to speculate that the added difficulty of a negotiation in particular, the tension and conflict between the negotiators can possibly make it even more…

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