The Potential For Western Rez Life Essay

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Snapchat is a growing social media platform that can have great potential for Western Rez Life. Geared toward picture and video sharing, Snapchat allows users to share videos and images in real time to their followers and friends. These videos and images cannot be saved or shared; they can only be viewed for up to 10 seconds per video/image. For Western Rez Life, this means we can engage with our students by sending them updates of real time events (i.e. O-Week, etc.), as well as receive real-time updates of what our students are doing during our events, or in the residences themselves. Snapchat will be a great asset to our social media efforts because it allows for our students to be interactive. From using this platform we can see the effect that our events, programming, and atmosphere has on our students.
Although a relatively new social media platform, Snapchat has grown an extensive amount since its launch in 2011. According to The Business of Apps, Snapchat has 100 million active users with 400 million snaps sent every day (May 2015). Core users of Snapchat range from age 13-24 years-old, prime age for our customer base. Moreover, 77% of Snapchat users are college or university students, 50% of which use Snapchat for communication purposes.

Additionally, because Snapchat is only a mobile app, it can be of great benefit to Western Housing, as students are likely to carry their phones most times of the day. In 2014, 86% apps were used on the…

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