The Potential Effects Of Learning And Development

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Potential effects of Learning and Development
It was found that including cross- curriculum priorities (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures) would help to narrow the Indigenous gap. However, there can be many potential effects, of narrowing the gap through the introduction of cross-curriculum priorities, in relation to children’s learning and development.
By including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, students can improve their knowledge about Australia by learning about Aboriginal culture. They will learn that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are resilient, strong, diverse and rich. This knowledge will promote respect towards minority groups of children (Australian Curriculum,
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Evident aspects such as geographical location and poor health in Indigenous students explains the high rate of non-attendance. On an extensive focus household, stress such as housing issues and family crisis are significant (Biddle, 2014). Dreise, Milgate, Perrett & Meston (2016) state that other barriers affecting attendance relate to racism, discrimination, language differences and poverty. Also, it is evident that internal and external factors for attendance are challenged not by education alone. Conclusion and Recommendations
This report considers the issue of narrowing the Indigenous gap in relation to Australian schools. Based on the preceding analysis, it has been concluded that it is necessary and vital to narrow the Indigenous gap in order to provide equality for all children (both Indigenous and non-Indigenous) as every child has the right to access quality education.
The report also considered a range of points of view and arguments and identified the most convincing point of view in relation to this issue. Thereafter, it discussed the potential effects of the issue in relation to children’s learning and development within a primary school setting. Accordingly, the following recommendations are made:
-The Government should continue to maintain

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