The Potential Downsides Of Perfume Essay

1680 Words Dec 6th, 2016 7 Pages
Perfumes have been used for a variety of things throughout antiquity. The uses of perfume are interesting because they were not only used to scent the body but also for medicinal purposes. While there is ample evidence for the use of them in the different places around the Mediterranean Sea, I decided to focus my experiment on a site in Pylos, Greece. Pylos contains a well excavated Mycenaean palace. My hope with this experiment is to recreate the perfume of Mycenaean Pylos, while also showing the potential hardships of a perfumer. This paper will first examine development of perfume study at Pylos. Next, I will explain how perfume was made at Pylos and how it was used. Finally, my paper will describe my experiment in full, including the potential downsides of perfume making. Early archaeology of these sites has shown a well-developed and cosmopolitan society, with evidence of trade relations with places in the Middle East. The perfume makers here used olive oil as a base and were often scented with sage. When Linear B script was deciphered, researchers were able to combine knowledge from classical writers, such as Dioscorides, and techniques of Bronze Age Middle East. Assyrian practices of the same time seem to be very similar to what is done at Pylos. They too did not know how to distill perfume and mostly steeped the leaves in hot oil, much like how one would make tea. Greeks were not able to do this either. The perfume industry at Pylos was primarily comprised of a…

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