The Potential Dangers Of Social Media Essay

1062 Words Nov 5th, 2015 null Page
Remember that feeling as a child when you made your first friend. It was instantaneous, you both just started having fun and playing like you two knew each other forever. Now imagine you meet someone but they are in the dark, you form a connection based on the trust you have that most people are who they say they are. But sadly, not everyone is always who they claim to be. This person could be who they say they are, or they could be a fifty year old man. Social media today is becoming more and more dangerous. Some of the potential dangers of social media today are arguments, invasion of personal accounts, imposters, cyberbullies, and even suicide. Many people, high school students especially, like to make up lies about people when they do not like them, or are arguing with that person. When social media is added to this rumors spread significantly faster than they do through word of mouth. A problem with social media is that people will say hurtful and harmful things over the internet that they would not say in person. It is much easier for someone to say hurtful things to a computer screen without a sense of morality or feeling. When people see hurtful things posted about them, most people 's first reaction is to retaliate and say something hurtful back which usually leads to a continuous chain of insults and lies until it hits a breaking point. In some cases that breaking point can be a fight, loss of friends, or even death. There is no easy way to avoid an argument…

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