The Potential Benefits Of Childhood Obesity

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I. Definition of the Situation/Problem and the Potential Benefits Childhood obesity is a serious medical circumstance that affects children from birth to adolescent . Obesity occurs when a children is considered well above the standard weight for his or her age and stature. Childhood obesity is particularly disturbing because the additional pounds often start children on the path to health troubles that were once confined to adults, such as high cholesterol, back pain, skin infection, stomach ulcer, gall stones, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Childhood obesity can also be directly related to poor self-esteem, bullying, sleeping disorders, and depression. The best strategy to lessen childhood obesity is to develop a healthy daily diet, limit the time on electronics, and to increase the exercise habits of the entire family. Part of the problem is that children see on the average 5,500 commercials about foods per one calendar year (DuPré, 2014). Treating, and preventing …show more content…
This age group is expected to have a shorter lifetime than that of their parents ' generation. The goal of this challenge is to change this statistic so the statement would be: This age group is expected to have a longer lifetime than that of their parents ' generation.
5. One out of three children will be at greater risk develop some sort of cancer in their lifetimes (Healthy Weight, Healthy Child, 2010). Because of the link between obesity and the rate of cancers ' we would like this goal to be that no children would be at a greater risk of developing cancer due to the child 's body mass index (BMI).
6. Seventy percent of the overweight are in the 95th percentile youth (5 to 17 year olds) had at least one, or more risk factors of cardiovascular disease(Healthy Weight, Healthy Child, 2010). The goal for this challenge is to get that 70% risk of the children that fall in the growth charts 95th percentile with the risk of cardiovascular disease to be cut in half if not

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