Essay on The Potential Applications For Stem Cell Research

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Patients with “extensive burns, leukemia, and other blood disorders” are currently being treated with Stem-Cells (“What are the potential applications for Stem Cell Research”). The process has been in use since the 1970s, with bone marrow transplants, although back then it was not as safe and innovated at it is today. With more research, technological advances, and scientific breakthrough’s patients have a fighting chance against life threatening diseases that have plague humankind. Even though the process is considered medically sound, the treatment has faced some ethical backlash for its use of embryonic stem-cells; which have the “ability to replace damaged cells”, and can be used to cure, what have been known as, ‘incurable’ diseases (“What are the potential applications for Stem Cell Research”). The embryonic stem-cell research will open up doors to new medical advances in the treatments of cancer, blood disorders, severe burns, and heart problems. As well as helping in the understanding and prevention of other diseases. It would be naïve and selfish to prohibit the use of embryonic stem-cells based on misinformation about the process in which the embryo is acquired, and the process taken to create the stem-cells. Based on the outweighing positive outcomes of the research and the safe and regulated process in which embryonic stem cells are created, Stem-cell research should be supported and federally funded in order to cure, what were thought to be, incurable diseases.…

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