The Positives Of College Sports Essay

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When we think of college sports, we think of the sold out arenas, crispy new uniforms or maybe even prodigious performances on one of the biggest platforms of the college athletes’ lives. No matter what, we all refer to the positives of college sports. We don’t glance at the behind the scene struggles these students encounter prior to their performances under the bright lights. On the other hand, being a student athlete has its deceptions, as many would call it. Ponder on the fact that these student-athletes are at the risk of a career-ending injury every time they step onto the court, field or rink. While these athletes bring in millions of dollars to their prospective universities, they get nothing in return other than a scholarship that does not even cover the full cost of attending school. Meanwhile, NCAA executives and the coaches are receiving maxed out contracts year in and year out while these athletes are “dead broke.”
In 2011, Nick Saban received $200,000 on top of his 4.68 million from Alabama because his team was playing for the national title, while Les Miles received the same amount on top of his 3.75 million from L.S.U. Those bonuses represented a small fraction of the annual income they were already receiving. While the coaches are receiving maxed out contracts, how much are the players who are actually on the field risking themselves receiving? This question has been answered on multiple occasions and is the reason for the current turmoil.
According to data…

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