The Positives And Negatives Of The United States Essay

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Having looked at the positives and negatives for the case study, we have to implement solutions for the negative issues and predict consequences as a result of the suggested strategies. As mentioned earlier, one of the negativities after Brava Strong was hired was a poor chain of command within the organization, specifically communication between Brava and mid level supervisors. The organization in my opinion is lacking downward communication. Brava Strong was aggressive in making sure she was meeting with senior management and they as a result maintained upward and lateral communication between each other, but by not meeting with mid level supervisors and telling them to dismiss rumors and maintain a positive environment, the employees belonging to the lower levels of the organization probably took their jobs for granted because they weren’t assigned goals, provided with problems that need their attention and weren’t offered feedback on their performance. Brava Strong didn’t understand that within every successful organization, communication has to be free flowing, because she didn’t choose to meet with mid level supervisors, who were more likely to reproduce that information in their departments, she didn’t make them understand her decisions. Managerial communication has to be repetitive and effective through various methods, and it should be a two way street where employees have the ability to suggest ideas, be innovative and inspirational and provide feedback for…

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