The Positives and Negatives of Advertisement Essay

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The Positives and Negatives of Advertisement
Advertising is everywhere in modern society, so ordinary, that it fades into the background of our everyday lives. As with anything as complicated and commonplace as advertising, there are both advantages and disadvantages to it. However, all things considered, the positive aspects of advertising outweigh the negatives.
There are many advantages to advertising, both direct and indirect. The direct benefits of advertising are educational and informational, giving information the average person may not otherwise happen to run across. “It informs us about candidates running for office. It tells us about important issues such as the benefits of seatbelt use, the dangers of drugs, and the problem
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In fact, "A person unaware of advertising's claim on him is precisely the one most vulnerable to the ad's attack" (Source Schrank). While opening our eyes to more potential comforts, luxuries, and helpful products, advertising can also influence us negatively - both purposefully and unintentionally.
Despite the disadvantages of advertising, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Whether or not an advertisement can be classified as positive or negative, the vast majority of advertising pays for things proclaimed in source Day - "By paying for advertising space, companies fund most of what you read in magazines and books, what you hear on the radio, and what you watch on television. It also increasingly pays for what is on the Internet." Additionally, advertising is educational. "People can complain all they want about advertising, but at its most basic form advertising is teaching, pure and simple. These ads tell us that milk makes our bones strong, where we can buy affordable houses, and which car will fit our needs and get us to work safely." (Source C) It's important not to allow the inevitable downsides of advertising to overshadow the significant benefits in terms of education, general knowledge, and paying for desired services and content.

From posters to commercials and all in between, it is apparent that advertising is too large a concept to be considered all good or all bad. Ultimately it

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