Essay on The Positive Side Of Social Media

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Social media has played an important role in creating increased connections between individuals or groups and that can expand social horizons. On the positive side, the impacts of social media are significant that consist of efforts to promote awareness and influence the actions of people in order to make social changes. On the negative side, it only forms weak bonds between individuals and that online communities may create some risks. James Fallows, the author of "Win in China," discusses a reality television show in China, which is about the contestants having competitions with each other to get the awareness and supports from the audiences and sponsors, so that they can have enough money to start their businesses. This reality show represents the well-established plans of entrepreneurship, outstanding personal skills and creative ideas that entrepreneurs have. Social networking is important, and it becomes a method of creating a reality show, which helps to spread Chinese values, that “Entrepreneurship” and “Entrepreneur” represent strength, intelligence, and success. That is contrary to how Malcolm Gladwell argues in “Small Changes." He promotes the idea that sit-ins were able to conduct thousands of protests without the use of social networking spreading the word. Fallow and Gladwell both discuss social media serves as communication channels that can help people to communicate with more speed and ease, but there is no hierarchical structure or leader, which allow them…

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