Essay about The Positive Influence On Rap

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The Positive Influence on Rap Rap is “a style of popular music, developed by jockeys and urban blacks in the 1970’s in which an insistent, reoccurring beat pattern provides the background and counterpoint for rapid, slangy, and often boastful rhyming patter glibly by vocalist or vocalists” (“Rap Music”). Rapping is a major part of hip hop culture which was developed in the Bronx in the mid nineteenth century. A group of young African Americans and Latinos living in a low income area where there was little to do and soon they made the hip hop culture (rapping, graffiti art, breakdancing and DJ-ing). Rap has become its own genre within hip hop culture because it grew popular so rapidly. Rapping is used as an expression and reflection of our daily struggles and emotions. Even though the lyrics create controversy in society, they often give people a certain comfort because they can relate to the music. When rap music became its own genre within hip hop it began to create controversy of whether it was music or not. A majority of the society thought that it was bad music because of the violent lyrics that impacted the listener. Although, the rapper was giving a positive message, other people believed that the message was negative and dangerous. As an administrator from Jersey City State College quotes “Gangsta rap tends to deliver violent messages… [That] suggest to the younger generation that to get respect or to be a ‘man,’ one should be tough, make money ‘by any means…

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