The Positive Impact Of A Healthy Work Environment On Staff Satisfaction And Patient Outcomes

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To some, a leader is someone with experience, knowledge, and authority while others are looking for someone with confidence, guidance, and patience. “There is growing evidence in the nursing literature about the positive impact of a healthy work environment on staff satisfaction, retention, improved patient outcomes, and organizational performance” (Sherman, R., & Pross, E. (2010). Nurses especially need all of the above to be considered a leader when other are relying on guidance while perform their job duties. As we can see there is now evidence that a leader allows for improved staff satisfaction and patient outcomes. When providing patient care experience is what allows for early recognition of a change in condition, this in which can be passed down to other nurses with less experience. As a nurse, I have seen this first hand and now that I have experienced some of these obstacles I am able to provide knowledge to the newer nurses on my floor. In order for a nurse to become a “charge” they must have at least one-year experience and have passed the “charge nurse” class. This call allows for proper management of care to patients and how to effectively manage multiple tastes at a time when it comes to patient care. A leader is a must have to the member of the profession. As a nurse on a medical/surgical floor with mostly new nurses these leaders are the ones molding and guiding us to become the best nurses we can be. When is comes to the many layers of…

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