The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

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Texting and driving is a major issue here in the United States, and it affects millions of lives each day. It causes multiple deaths each year in the United States as well as other parts of the world. Texting and driving is basically when someone is using a cell phone to text someone while they are driving on the road. It’s definitely dangerous to text and drive, and a mass amount of people have been seriously injured, or even lost their lives due to it. In recent years, it has led to more and more deaths. It has been banned by countless states, but there are still people out doing it and getting into trouble, if not with the law, then with their lives. Innumerable people articulate that texting and driving is a genuinely serious …show more content…
These distractions lead to someone not being able to see the road, and it significantly increases the risk of hitting something. Chances are, someone will be paying way too much attention to your phone that they completely miss someone or something in the road and end up hitting it. An article by Harold states “Most experimental evidence shows that people who think that they are multitasking well are actually not paying sufficient attention to all the tasks at hand” (56). This is very true in that people aren’t really focused on the road, even though they think they are. People think that texting and driving isn’t bad, because they are good at multitasking, but in reality, they are putting themselves and the lives of others in grave dangers. Multitasking is when people do multiple tasks at the same time. It is a major thing done throughout the lives of everyone, but sometimes, it can be very detrimental to society. People can get stressed trying to multitask with day to day activities. A good example of this is a college student trying to study while work on assignments along with continue his or her day to day schedule. And when it comes in with texting and driving, it can lead to very serious consequences. Driving already requires a lot of multitasking. People must …show more content…
There are plenty of apps to help with that. The article "New Approaches To End Texting While Driving" states “One way of eliminating driving distractions is to install a no-texting app onto cell phones. These apps will supposedly mute your phone or lock it when you are driving. They will also send messages saying that you are driving” (16). These can be very helpful but they can also cause more problems. They help with limiting texts but some apps don’t limit other things that can cause distractions. Other things that can cause distractions can be having the radio too loud or arguing with someone. Although, having a radio or arguing with someone is not usually bad, it can be very distracting when trying to drive. The best way to prevent these issues is to let the driver focus and keep the radio volume low. Fortunately, there are apps that actually do work and put ease to people. One example of an app that prevents texting and driving is DriveOFF. The article "5 Apps To Prevent Your Teen From Texting While Driving”

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