The Positive Effects Of Sports And Games And Health

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Sports and Games are very important part of our life and they are becoming more and more popular all across the world. Sports keeps us relaxed, fit, relaxed and active. Almost all the doctors recommend exercising as convalescence and prevalent of many diseases. Athletes are divided into two types – amateur and professionals. The amateur approach to sports is when a exercises, jogs and swims once in a while. Sports are mostly performed together as team, instead on playing individually. According to Dr. Sylvia, “Sports and games provide many positive opportunities for children and adults as sporting events give than the opportunity to be active and get plenty of exercise that is needed by human body to stay fit and active.” (Mader, 2010) It is believed by the researchers that those children who participate in sports are more likely to maintain a healthy diet and they have high levels of cognitive energy. …show more content…
Sports and games make victory much more exciting for the players and promote a good sense of sportsmanship among them. According to Vince Lombardi, winners never think about quitting and quitters never win. There are a lot of parents who believe that if their children participate in sports then it will affect their academic accomplishments. Some of them believe that child distraction from studies depend on how much time they give to sports. Sports and its impact on health is a very important topic because many people do not know the importance of sports and how it can make their life better by improving their health. This essay will find out the impacts of sports on health and development of people. Sports and games are strong means for prevention of diseases, increasing sportsmanship and cost effective method to improve public health across the population but sports also put pressure on sportsmen that impact their health

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