The Positive Effects Of Social Media's Impact On Society

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In recent years, we have experienced a huge change in how we communicate with family and our significant others. There have been many modifications that have been made to our communication throughout the years. In the past, the only option being by simply talking to family face to face, to the introduction of the telephone. Then with the induction of the internet, which absolutely changed communication, by completely mediating it. This took society by storm, by making it a popular means of communication. Now it is more likely for us to use mediated communication than the old fashion face to face communication. In addition, with the creation of social media, we have seen it have a huge impact on society. Social media has given us the ability …show more content…
The positive effects are clearly demonstrated in a social networking site call Facebook. With this social site the user has the ability to communicate with his/her significant other as well as his/her family. This site not only helps the user to communicate but also keep in touch with his/her loved ones. Another capability that it allows the user to do, is the ability to view as well as to share pictures. With this capability, it allows the user to stay informed on how his/her family is doing, which could make the user to feel closer with his/her family. Furthermore, social media has also provided us with another social networking site call Skype. With this site it actually allows the user to have a face to face conversation with their loved ones. The user could be in another part of the world, but still be able to talk to his/her loved ones. In contrast, the negative effects are clearly shown through the site called Twitter. This site has been notorious for how it has submerged people to it, or in other words addicted the user. This site allows the user to stay up to date with his/her famous celebrities and athletes. It also allows the user to know the latest trend or news, which in turn can keep the user distracted from his/her loved ones. Moreover, it is really rare for social media to harm the communication in relationships. As reinforced by, which stated, “74% of the adult internet users who report that the internet had an impact on their marriage or partnership say the impact was positive. Still, 20% said the impact was

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