The Positive Effects Of School Uniforms

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Imagine someone waking up every morning and not having to worry about what to wear. They get up and their outfit is already picked for them. They do not have to worry about going to school and feeling different from the other students. They are able to feel good about themselves and others. This is what it feels like for students to wear school uniforms. “Uniforms have been a part of education for over a century” (Burkemper 18). There has been much positive feedback from the public school that requires school uniforms. Students are able to benefit more from the use of school uniforms than not using them. School uniforms do a significant job at keeping students more disciplined and focused in their studies. The NAESP conducted a survey on the effects of school uniforms. The principals in this survey believed that the students stay more disciplined and focused in their studies with school uniforms. Seventy-nine perfect of these principals said it positively affected the classroom discipline, and sixty-seven percent thought the students stay more concentrated on their studies (Daniels). “Dr. Viola …show more content…
The survey conducted by the NAESP also asked principals how students peer pressure was effected by uniforms. The principals surveyed believe that students feel less pressure while wearing the uniforms. It was reported that seventy-five percent of principals saw a positive effect on peer pressure (Daniels). Some parents believe that having to pick out clothes every morning can be stressful for students because they feel like they are being peer pressured to wear what is acceptable to everyone else. That is why these parents favor the use of school uniforms (Burkemper p). Some students are set apart from others because of the different types of brands there are. Without having to worry about these name brands students are able to have a better self-esteem

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