Positive Effects Of Drones Essay

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The Positive Effects of U.S. Drones Being Used Abroad
Should the U.S. Use Drones Abroad? In early 2016, it was perpetuated that the leader of the Afghan Taliban was killed via an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), commonly known as drones. (Harris, “Obama Says Mullah Mansour, Taliban Leader, Was Killed in U.S. Strike”). Although many people do believe and argue relentless that drones are highly dangerous and are a breach of public privacy, it has also saved the United States a lot of time, resources, and prevented a lot of civilians being killed with their high tech technology and precise aiming. Drones may be just a machine that is able to kill people from afar but it decreases the risk of being connected to the person of interest unlike a soldier.
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The types of drones that the United States are using abroad are saving the lives of people living in rural places where they lack basic necessities of life. In Rwanda, the drones are sending over medicines and other medical supplies such as blood. A California native startup, Zipline, will collaborate with the UPS company and the Gavi Alliance company whose expertise is in medical needles. “They 'll be able to walk outside, see the delivery occur and have what they need to save the patient 's life ”, said Keller Rinaudo, the Co-Founder of Zipline.” (Monks and Nurse, “Life-saving drones take flight in Rwanda”) Meaning that if doctors were in need of a 35 mL shot of epinephrine, they 'll be able to attain it through the simple use of technology thus saving patients. The Ministry of Health is also on board with the Zipline company, with hopes of making the deliveries faster and save more …show more content…
Franklin D. Kramer, an ex-assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs for President Clinton, stated that the drone policy is appropriate for our nation and used against attacks to the nation. That drones are legal under the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). “The AUMF authorizes the president to use all “necessary and appropriate force” against those he determines committed or aided the terrorist attack that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001.” (Feuerber, “Drone Wars: What 's the Right Policy”). It goes along with that of the President 's speech given at the VFW National Convention, “And I’ve shown I will not hesitate to use force to protect our nation, including from the threat of terrorism.” (Feuerber). This means that if the president ever feels as if someone was taking part in a terrorist act against the safety of the people and the security of the nation, then he has authorization to send drones and have them be killed because he is looking out for what is best for our country and is authorized to do so by law and by Congress. Also stated in the article, Kramer’s debate partner, Major General James “Spider” Marks, having spent over 30 years in the U.S. Army and in the presence of the drones being used in the army. “...rules of engagement” with drones are “very precise” and thorough. He said the military

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