The Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Parents always have significant effect on their children’s growth so they have responsibility to show proper and appropriate attitudes, behaviors, and habits to their children. As the freedom of individual rise for one’s happiness, chances of getting divorced are also increasing. Interest fact in divorce progress is that parents do not consider much about consequences which divorce will bring to their children. Separation of parents provide absolutely different environment to their children. This sudden change in environment cause children to act, behave, and speak incongruously. A lot of scholars and divorce specialists have been researching about the impacts of divorce on children’s growth as the divorce rate goes higher. Some of those people …show more content…
She found divorce can be positive and an alternative solution in high conflict marriage. This is partially true but children are already exposed to violence. However in “Children of High-Conflict Divorce Face Many Challenges” by William Bernet, it was claimed that children of high conflict divorce can have transitory symptoms such as excessive worrying, sadness, anger, and oppositional behavior. Divorce can be a way out from the violence in family but it still effects children negatively according to Bernet. As children watch conflict between parents for any period, children are influenced by it and their stress develop into a serious mental condition which differ from those children from regular family. Therefore divorce cannot have positive effect on …show more content…
The long-run implications of unilateral divorce”. Gruber remarked that children of divorce are more likely to commit a crime, to get addicted to drugs, and to behave violently through his research. Teenagers who practice such actions are most likely from divorced family. They express their anger about their parental separation in deviant way. He also revealed children of divorce are sexually active which means they have sex at a younger age so they become pregnant more often than children of intact families. Children of divorce often feel lonely from their family and they express their loneliness in inappropriate way such as having sex at younger age. This directly shows how divorce affects children negatively. Gruber also found that children of divorce more likely engage in antisocial such as murdering, bullying, robbery, conning and raping. Engaging in antisocial is not only harmful to the children but also to the all people because those anti-social people typically perform things that are against law or righteousness. Gruber’s article clearly pick up the impacts of divorce on children. As they are stated above, divorce have negative effects on

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