The Positive Aspects Of Fast Food And Food Choices

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1. Routine changes/convenience: My food choices depend on whether it is the weekend or a weekday.
• Background: I meal pre for the weekdays, so I have a healthy lunch and dinner already premade. I do this because I do not have time between being a full time student, wife, and team lead at work to make dinner every night. I also tend to eat bad when having to eat out for lunch. Therefore, my meals are ready to go during the week, and I’m running on a schedule. During the weekends, I don’t run on a schedule, I don’t have meals premade, and I’m normally doing school work so I forget to eat.
• Negative outcomes: I don’t normally eat a well-balance meal, and I tend to eat unhealthy snacks on Saturdays and Sundays, which affects my energy levels
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I need to also start shopping every week instead of two weeks, so I can make sure there is enough food to last, and things don’t go bad if not eaten fast enough.
3. Influences: When my husband brings home fast food, or soda it is very hard to resist.
• Background: If we go over our parent’s house for dinner, or if we go out to eat I tend to eat unhealthy and feel ok about it.
• Negative outcomes: Same as above, I tend to feel crappy and it’s hard to go back to eating healthy once you just had a big class of sugar and a big plate of cheese fries.
• Changes I could make to turn the above negative outcomes into a positive outcome: I’ve already started doing this – when I go over our parent’s house for dinner, I bring my own lemon water so I’m not influenced to drink tea (with 2 cups of sugar mixed in it), and when I go out to eat I ask for a plate of lemons so I can add to my water ( and I don’t drink any soda, just because I’m out). I still eat the cheese fries, but I don’t eat the whole pate. I think if I eat these types of food in moderation I will be okay, right? When it comes to my husband, he is trying to not bring home he bad food as much and I’ve started to make him his own prep meals so he is also not tempted to eat fast food,

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