The Positive Aspects And Consequences Of Decisions In Education

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There are always downfalls, to making decisions. Sometimes no matter what you do, you’ll have to give something up. I’ve always been timid about making decisions. I think about what I’d lose in the process. The honest truth was, you could never be sure of the decisions that you have to make. In education, young students’ academic decision are primarily made by the parents, until the student is old enough. One of the most defining moments in education for me, was when I had to make a choice for my education independently. I had to think of my experience, have confidence in myself, and think of future ramification. The education crisis I faced was taking a college course that I wouldn’t count toward my degree;
My educational journey not only
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One of the negative concerns would have been taking a course, I wasn’t fully prepared for. The thought made me nervous. Being unprepared for the course tends to lead to poor results. A negative consequence of taking a remedial course would have been that I would have had to take longer to graduation. To be fair, there were positive consequences for both outcomes of my decision. A positive consequence of staying in the course was that I would stay on schedule. I also wouldn’t have to wonder what would happen If I would have stayed in the class. I was also about to make a case for taking the remedial course. Taking the remedial English class would have fine-tuned the areas that I needed to work on. Taking into account all my thoughts, I made my …show more content…
Finally, I let out a breath that I’d been holding. My heart finally was calming down, and I had stopped shaking. As I put the paper down, I look at my classmates. Not speaking, they begin to discuss my essay. This was the part I’d been dreading. My writing was deeply personal to me. It made me feel vulnerable, having my peers reading it. Workshops are important for this course and are going to be a part of my chosen major. They gave me suggestions on what to fix and commented on what they liked. I wrote down notes, asked questions, and thanked them for their help. The class continued on with the writing workshop. Immediately, I felt a sense of relief. My turn in the hot seat wasn’t as bad, as I’d imagined it would be. For the first time since I choose to go into writing, I don 't regret my decision about the remedial course. Not only was I independent with my education, but I felt confident in my own abilities. A combination of parental involvement, professional intervention, and strong work ethic was finally paying

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