The Positive And Negative Impacts Of Australian Families Essay

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Australian families experienced many significant changes over the past six decades. For women these changes consequently resulted in equality of opportunities, and conditions in the labour force. Along with the willingness of most men to become voluntarily involved in core household work, as well as taking on a greater role with respect to childcare. This essay will discuss two significant changes in gender roles, and will examine some of the positive and negative impacts it had on Australian society over the past six decades. On the one hand, Australian federal and state governments passed several new laws and legislations which resulted in an increased participation by women in the labour force. These legislative changes provide many more opportunities for women to enter the workforce subsequently women make up 58% of the labour market, however the pay gap between the sexes is still considerable, women on average earned 65% of what men earn therefore, women are more likely to work part-time in a significant proportion of their working lives while men remain in full-time employment until retirement. On the other hand, when both partners share the breadwinner role men are more likely to increase their core housework tasks in comparison to men in the ‘new traditional’ and ‘male-breadwinner’ families. Consequently, many studies found that gender attitudes are still primary indicators of who does housework, thus women still do two-thirds of housework where men do two-thirds of…

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